Start together, finish together

A marathon combines both an extreme physical challenge, with the mental demand to maintain focus and drive over an arduous challenge.

Runners push their bodies to the limit over 26.2 miles. Whilst a marathon is an event that relies on the preparation and execution of the individual, there is a real sense of community among runners as they share the trials and tribulations of the challenge ahead.

A year on from the tragic Boston Marathon bombings in April 2013, runners convened again in a show of defiance to run the course again. The marathon saw not 25,000 runners as there were in 2013, but a field of 36,000 in total.

One runner got close to 0.2 miles from the finish line as his body began to give way. Initially, two nearby runners helped him to his feet, while a further two stopped and the four decided to carry him the entire final leg. The crowd exploded into cheers as they jogged past and eventually crossed the finish line.

Personal sacrifice and working together embodied the incredible amount of compassion shown by these four individuals. We can all learn a little from this wonderful story.



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