Innovations the next generation of smartphones need to have

As smartphones continue to infiltrate more aspects of our daily lives, it makes you wonder what innovations we might see in the next generation of smartphone technology.

The most recent iterations of top smartphones from Apple and Samsung have been disappointing as they make technological baby steps and not the giant leaps forward we might have hoped for. Key features such as bigger screens, more camera pixels and a plethora of apps are no longer exciters and as a result, customers now expect these features as standard.

In the absence of major innovations, it is unlikely we will be willing to pay a premium to upgrade to a new smartphone which offers a little more of the same, but nothing truly unique.

If you didn’t know already, the iPhone 5S (sim-free) will set you back a cool £549 – £709 depending on how much memory you need (16GB to 64GB). The equivalent Samsung S5 will cost you a whopping £559.95. OK, so you might do a deal with your phone operator which will bring that price down, but you are pretty much guaranteed to either pay an upfront cost to get the handset you want, a hefty monthly charge, or both!

If I am paying that much for my next phone, here is some of what I want to see:

Unbreakable and stylish
I hate that feeling as I see my smartphone hurtling towards the ground after a butterfingers moment. I always wince as I pick it up hoping that I won’t be forced to go to an overpriced repair shop to get my beloved phone fixed. Surely, it doesn’t have to be this way.

I want a phone that can handle my everyday woes, but look good in the process. I want a premium looking and feeling product with a high-resolution screen but not at the expense of costly repair fees. Most of all, I don’t want to have to buy an expensive case that looks like it was designed by the military to protect my phone and cover up its tidy design.

A seriously long battery
A smartphone phone that can be used as a camera, video player, music player, gaming device and the portable computer is without a doubt going to use up a lot of juice. The irony is that without a really long battery life, all these features are redundant. It’s supremely annoying when you have a two-hour journey to make with 10% battery remaining and no charger.

I think I speak for many smartphone users when I say that battery life needs to be tripled or quadrupled to meet the average user’s needs.

A really clever personal assistant
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could touch a button and your phone gave you a rundown of all of the things that are truly important to you? For example, as you have your breakfast, it tells you the weather, traffic updates, any news stories relevant to your business, upcoming social events…the list goes on.

Given that most of this information is on our phones anyway, why not combine all these great features into a super cool, artificially intelligent assistant, that instead of asking you what you want to know, tells you what you need to know.


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