GROW model

The GROW model is a simple framework that can help you structure objectives and plan a route to achieving them. It can be used to quickly analyse client, corporate, project or personal objectives and help you think about complex objectives in their simplest form.

For line managers and coaches, you can use this to help you structure discussions with your colleagues and help them to plan their personal development.

Using the instructions below, set out each element of the GROW model in sequence, for each of the objectives. You should find that the more time you spend at the start (G), the easier it becomes to complete the model and determine the way forward (W).

Goal Defining the objective is the most important part of any objective setting process. If it is too vague, it is not possible to determine what success looks like. Precision is king, be as detailed and clear about what you are trying to achieve. Include key metrics such as dates and measures to help illustrate your goal.

Reality Where are you now? The purpose of this section is to be clear about the current situation. This will help show the gap between your current and desired states.

Options Once you are clear on your what you want to achieve and where you are now, it is a good opportunity to consider your options. I find it is helpful to start by considering the consequences of doing nothing as your first option, this will provide you with a benchmark. As you then outline each of your options, think about the obstacles and risks that can prevent you from reaching your goal successfully. You should find it easy to identify at least 5 obstacles, although the more you record, the stronger your assessment will be.

Way forward With the information you have so far, this should enable you to easily plan a step by step route from your current to the desired state, whilst taking into account any obstacles you might face.  


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